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Our guide to the best beauty product available.  Updated in June 2023

Metanail Complex

Metanail Complex helps healthy nails & beautiful feet with the 20-in-1 nail & feet essential formula. It is designed to offer superior and long-lasting results for your nails and feet. It's Pure, clean and effective (100% free of chemical coating and other non-essential fillers, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.). Supports every aspect of nails & feet total wellbeing.


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Totally Bangin Tan

What’s the last self-tanner you tried? You might have noticed a bunch of streaks, blotches and patches…or watched your glow disappear after just a couple of days. That’s why Totally Bangin uses ultra-hydrating sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, cranberry, cucumber, rosehip, and vitamin E extracts instead…. To maintain that healthy outer layer so you get a natural Mediterranean bronze finish that sticks around for up to 11 days. Real Babes, Real Results! 


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The Divine Locks Complex is a unique ingestible that addresses one little-known cause of hair loss, thinning and breakages…
The “dermal papillae” folding over and cutting off nutrients to individual strands of hair. The Divine Locks Complex is the perfect solution to your hair nightmare. 


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Folifort is the most finely-tuned hair support product. It helps support natural hair growth, by giving your scalp the nutrients it needs to support healthy follicle growth and enjoy fuller, stronger and shinier hair regardless of age. Folifort contains several active ingredients such as antioxidants and minerals that protect your scalp from irritation and work to rejuvenate your follicles at the root.


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The Hydrossential serum is natural and pure, which could help any woman maintain flawless, wrinkle-free skin. It consists of amazing plant extracts, such as Japanese Witch Hazel, Aloe Barbadensis, Jojoba Oil, Gotu Kola, Camelia Sinensis. A revolutionary way to support the health of your skin. 


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