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Our guide to the best spiritual product available.  Updated in June 2023

Guardian Angel Bracelet

Angel Bracelet was crafted for you with beautiful silver alloy angel wings, intricate beadwork, and tiny bells that serve as delicate reminders that there is always someone by your side who loves you and is looking out for you. 
The color chosen to string your bracelet together is a deep, vibrant red -Because in ancient tradition, in cultures from Hinduism and Buddhism, to Christianity and Judaism the wearing of the red string is considered holy and that it can help connect the wearer with the divine...


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The Money Crystal

Citrine, known as the “Money Crystal,” is a sunny gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its radiant yellow hue. The warm, golden color of citrine is said to attract wealth and abundance, making it a popular choice for those looking to manifest financial success.
This crystal is believed to stimulate creativity and manifestation, helping individuals to think more positively and to turn their dreams into reality. When placed in the wealth corner of your home or workplace, citrine is said to bring good luck, increase prosperity, and attract abundance.
Whether you are seeking financial success, creativity, or simply a beautiful and vibrant addition to your collection, citrine is a must-have gemstone.
So, if you’re looking to manifest abundance and attract good luck,
add a citrine crystal to your life today and bask in its warm, golden glow.


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Tree Of Life Pendants

Revered as a sacred symbol representing Divine connection for nearly 5000 years, the ancient Tree of Life is now immortalized for your personal use in this beautiful necklace...

~Lovingly crafted to represent the multi-faceted aspects of the Tree. 
~Bronze plated zinc alloy includes matching chain.
~Intertwined branches and roots represent its connection to the realms above and below.
~The perfect combination of Truth and Beauty in one!


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Reiki Energy Bracelet

Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet was crafted for you with 7 natural gemstones which are attuned to the 7 major energy centers of your body. 

At the center of one side of the circle of gemstones is a silver ingot bead featuring the Tree of Life, a symbol revered by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians (as well as nearly every culture in history, including Buddhists, Kabbalists, and the Druids). 

It represents the foundation of life in all dimensions, good mental and physical health, and spiritual wellbeing.


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Manifest Abundance Pendant

Sacred Geometry pendant, representing the Sri Yantra & the Golden Ratio in one running, mathematically correct art piece.

This beautifully crafted pendant includes a matching chain so you can carry it with you, wear it with your favorite outfit, or even use it as a pendulum!

These beautiful pendants for just $27 (with FREE shipping)...


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